Registration of candidates applying to become TAB arbitrators

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On 27 November 2018, the Board of the Catalan Arbitration Association approved the new arbitration procedure of the Barcelona Arbitration Court (TAB), which will come into effect from 1st March 2019.

In our ongoing search for excellence, and being well aware that our list of arbitrators is the principal asset of our institution in order to offer a high quality service, we have redefined the requirements for becoming an arbitrator in addition to reorganising the selection process so as to be able to guarantee improvements in the designation and greater rotation of arbitrators. The number of arbitrators for different specialities is not unlimited. The process of selection and nomination of arbitrators is stipulated in Chapter III (articles 10 and 16) of the new Regulations, published on the website of the institution (

In order to appear on the list of arbitrators, it is essential to complete this form by filling in your personal details (page 1), your academic qualifications and arbitration training (page 2), your professional experience of at least ten (10) years in the exercise of a legal profession (page 3), your arbitrational experience and your area or areas of speciality (a maximum of two) (page 4) and the languages you are proficient in (page 5), for all of which full documentary evidence must be presented, in addition to a letter of presentation, signed by hand, in pdf format (page 6).

Before commencing, we recommend having to hand all the information and documents which you wish to present. Acceptance of the declaration on page 1 is essential in order to be able to move forward or backwards, should you wish to add or make changes to data.

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